Good Teachers

Good teachers
By Marissa Vega

The video we saw in class today was really unusual. When we think of teachers we think of people who show us how to do things and they answer our questions, but these videos taught us that teachers are so much more than that. They guide us to the answer without telling us. Teachers who involve us are the ones that we learn more from. Good teachers are the ones who are patient because we don’t understand something and they had to explain it all over and over again .

Through my whole elementary school I never cared about teachers and to be honest they weren’t that good . They just said the things they had to explain and we had to memorize it. When I entered middle school teachers were great. I was in a school where they had unconventional teaching. Teachers were less strict, they were really young because the principal wanted us to have better communication with them but the problem is there is that they didn’t care about the students and of course we could feel it so we never gave the school the necessary attention. After that I arrived to Magallanes where teachers actually like they have jobs ,where they like teaching . Most of the teachers in here teach really good and student like their methods. I didn’t like school or learning until I got here.

I think the perfect teacher for me is the one who is the most patient, who likes to teach and of course the one who had an interesting class. I understand that every teacher has their own technique because they were educated different or that is the way they like to be taught.

Also, every generation is different and they had to adapt to their young students and teachers who are old schooled are the ones with more experience but personally they are the most boring ones. Teachers who have a funny or weird sense of humor are the ones who usually have the best classes because they are so fun and with a lot of energy. That is my opinion because I am a person who has a lot of energy and with the fun dynamics I get inspired and happy.
Other students like quiet classes or when we write a lot and they don’t have to participate, even though the teacher explains to you everything they don’t involve you so maybe you will just remember the topic but you will not understand ,you would not have learned.

That different ways students learn effects the way teachers will teach ,there are students who just listen, others who see the topic and immediately understand it. But for most students they have to think a bit, study, ask everything and teachers concentrate more on those students. Teachers that involve each person are the ones who make the biggest impact.
There is a saying that says ”when you can’t do it, teach” I think it is ridiculous because teachers guide us they are like God’s little helpers. People would be dumb or useless without the teachers it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad they are our guides and we need them in our life.

In conclusion, I don’t think that’s good teachers care about the grades because in the end they are just numbers I think they care about how you grow as a student and how your knowledge grows with them as guides. I think I have grown a lot in this school thanks to the amazing and smart teachers I have. I hope one day when I am olderI and I tell them what great things I have done they’ll be proud of me.